The Healthcare Commitment When You Say “I Do”

The Healthcare Commitment When You Say “I Do”

The Healthcare Commitment When You Say “I Do” 150 150 Claire Michelle De Castro

Susan Baer, weaves a heartwarming story of commitment as she follows the life of one couple and how a seemingly tragic turn of events has turned a health tragedy into an opportunity to expand our understanding of love, family relationships and yes, of healthcare, too.

We often discuss healthcare matters as if it is only something to collectively practice and apply when its actual essence, rarely expressed and captured in full, can be found living within the sanctity of a marriage vow.  Like it or not, in matters of technology benefits and use, we become so enamored with the power of being able to collect and thereby analyze data that in the process we lose sight of the fact that each number represents one life and one unique story.

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For whatever compelling reasons we have for pursuing our goals about achieving “better health for all”, most of us can only fully relate when we’ve experienced health disruption firsthand, either with ourselves or to people dear and close to us.  To be able to actually observe with our own eyes the people who persevere to help other people in need is not just heartwarming but also gives us the privilege of witnessing what is required of compassion.

From this, we get to realize that caring for others is but just a symptom of the love that is eager to spread itself from within each of us.  Good thing that, as Page has shown, we need not go far – but can actually start with our own lives – to put to test our resolve to help improve others’ lives as well.

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