healthcare innovation event

Exist Sponsors Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series

Exist Global, IT-enabled business solutions leader with healthcare solutions currently serving some of the largest private hospitals in Manila, announced today that it will sponsor the Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series set for October 15 at Intercontinental Hotel in Makati, Philippines. The Healthcare Innovation Solutions Day Series is a regional conference that examines the role…

electronic medical record

A doctor creates his own EMR

The question has been raised: Why re-invent the EMR wheel? What is so different about what I am doing that makes it necessary to go through such a painful venture? I ask myself this same question, actually. Here’s my answer to that question. What medical records offer: High focus on capturing billing codes so physicians can be…


Healthcare IT Future in 2012

We’re taking the optimism of the new year as fuel to write and share more in the field of healthcare, not just IT.  Looking at many a good posts published the past holiday week, here are a few worth noting and reading about – crystal ball predictions and more. All Health Care Is Not Local. …