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Top Healthcare IT Events in Asia Pacific

Last May 2014, we, together with Goldcrest Communications and the event’s chairman, Dr. Mike Muin, organized the inaugural Healthcare IT Philippines Conference. It was well attended with more than 100 participants including health IT leaders, clinician stakeholders and project implementers. With the interest in healthcare IT growing not only in the Philippines but all over Asia Pacific, I…


Report: Health information exchange systems critical to healthcare integration

Health information exchange (HIE) systems are a key technological driver of new healthcare models and will help healthcare be more affordable, accountable and integrated, according to a new report from market research firm Frost & Sullivan. HIE refers to the digitisation of health records to create a central data repository that will ensure continuity of care, data legacy…

build or buy

Healthcare IT :: Buy or Build?

What are the drivers affecting buy and build strategies? What elements must be considered if a hospital is to grow and maintain its own applications, purchase an off-the-shelf product, or work with a team (outsource engineering) to build a product? Making the right choice is a challenge. Let’s look at scenarios in the healthcare market…

healthcare IT trends

Healthcare IT Trends in the Philippines

The eHealth Innovations for Universal Health Care summit has just recently concluded. An eye opener for the uninitiated, the eHealth summit offered valuable insights into the Philippines’ eHealth masterplan 2014 and beyond. We caught up with folks in the health IT community to get their thoughts on information and communication technologies that will play critical ‘roles’ in…

medical tsunami

The Silent Medical Tsunami

What will you do if one in a hundred plane flights crashes, resulting in injuries? Will you still fly? Or what if one in a hundred bank transactions results in an error in your balance? Will you still trust your bank? In these two instances, the error rate is much less than 1 percent and…