Java development

Are we having a development lapse?

All too often, I hear the question, “how much will it cost to build this type of application?” With the proliferation of SaaS applications, you’d think companies were just about ready to move away from custom software development. They’re not, however, things have changed: 1) Cloud Apps and Cloud Services - Companies are building stuff on the cloud (that runs…

digital transformation

Lessons from the Road

My conversations with clients and travels around San Francisco and Silicon Valley have taught me a lot about the value of relationships between service providers and clients. Do not fail to Grow. As a service provider, do you ask about your client’s plans to grow its business? Are you curious about their short-term and long-term…


Three Agile Practices

#Simplify the decision making process. One of the ways to do this is through [proper] delegation. By delegating tasks, you empower individuals to think and what we Filipinos call “pagdiskarte”. When you empower individuals, they become more accountable. I think if individuals are more accountable, they deliver better results … make less mistakes, given the…