Innovative services & solutions to improve health outcomes

Healthcare organizations — from the single practice clinics to hospitals, medical insurance providers to government health units — are looking to transform patient care, increase operational efficiency, and improve financial performance. Whether it’s going paperless, cutting costs, or rolling out software integrations, healthcare innovation can be pretty demanding.

There are two areas where we can help: creating opportunities and strategies to optimize your business and addressing technology innovation

To learn about how Exist can help you transform healthcare delivery, read on.

Learn how Medcurial helps physicians digitize their practice

-- from appointments to billing without the costly IT investments with a
cloud-based practice management and EMR system.

Capabilities and Solutions

icon-healthcare1Consulting Services

Do you need to integrate care functions and systems so that you can engage patients better? Are there inefficiencies, or complex processes in the way you operate that you’d like to automate or simplify?

Our team can evaluate, identify, and implement IT-enabled processes and solutions so that you can increase and improve operational efficiency and performance.

icon-healthcare3Healthcare IT Solutions

We help you deliver higher care quality with solutions that improve patient collaboration and coordination. Our expertise includes:

  • practice management solutions

  • electronic medical records

  • hospital and health systems, and

  • health exchanges

icon-healthcare2Insight and Analytics

Healthcare has big data which flows from multiple sources and into different systems. We can help you enable evidence-based decision making by unifying your data architecture.

icon-healthcare4Implementation Services

We offer end to end project and IT implementation, including:

  • legacy systems modernization

  • custom software and product development

  • systems integration

Our Work

  • Healthcare – Medical Doctor’s Portal

    Healthcare – Medical Doctor’s Portal

    Exist is helping a leading hospital in the Philippines modernize its physician web portal to improve scalability and interoperability.

  • Healthcare – TMC Prime

    Healthcare – TMC Prime

    The Medical City moves away from paper-based systems to improve clinical care processes with a web application that integrates patient information from disparate systems.

  • Healthcare – eHealth Exchange

    Healthcare – eHealth Exchange

    Exist developed a mobile and web-based health exchange and information management system that features patient registration, doctor referrals, appointment scheduling, recording of consultations, and patient notification / reminders.

  • Healthcare – Medcurial

    Healthcare – Medcurial

    Exist built Medcurial, a cloud based clinic practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) system.

  • Healthcare – Medication Management System

    Healthcare – Medication Management System

    Exist developed a web-based medication management system for a leading hospital in the Philippines to automate its medication administration process.

  • Healthcare – Hospital Information System

    Healthcare – Hospital Information System

    Leading hospital in the Philippines partners with Exist to deliver world-class hospital information system.