Technology Consulting


Navigate the future confidently

Are there redundancies, inefficiencies, or complex processes in the way you operate that you’d like to eliminate, automate or simplify?

Whether you are optimizing costs, rolling out new IT initiatives, or identifying new growth opportunities, Exist offers technology and software consulting services to help you respond to change and transform your business.

Our consultants can evaluate, identify, and recommend new approaches and solutions so that you can drive transformation, improve productivity, and streamline business operations.

[Success Story] Discover how we’ve helped a leading hospital in the Philippines transform its healthcare system.

Capabilities and Solutions

Analysis and Design

Our team of analysts and architects can help you align your business strategies with application execution by analyzing and defining the system requirements and recommended technologies for your application.

Application Architecture

We can help you lay the technology foundation and build the application architecture required to implement solutions to meet business requirements and support growing needs.

Our Work

Embed innovation at the core of your business.