Big Data and Analytics


Turn big data into actionable intelligence

We have entered an era of “big data” where an unprecedented amount of digital information is being generated everyday. If this information can be captured, managed, processed and used effectively, it holds great potential value for a variety of purposes.

The use of big data and analytics can help the enterprise drive strategic decisions for developing innovative products, streamline operations, mitigate business risks, improve customer relationships and drive revenue growth. To help organizations derive value from their data, Exist offers a range of Big Data consulting and implementation services. With a team of strategy and data analysts, big data architects, and consultants, we offer a balanced mix of strategy, design and implementation expertise.

[White Paper] 5 Big Data Tips for a Successful Big Data Implementation

Big Data Whitepaper

Capabilities and Solutions

Big Data Consulting

Consulting services to offer recommendations on the technical architecture and framework of your enterprise IT infrastructure.

Big Data Implementation

From hardware to the software stack, we deliver a complete solution for acquiring and organizing big data. Services include Hadoop setup, development and testing services.

Our Work

Embed innovation at the core of your business.