PT Trans Retail – Carrefour Indonesia

Modernization of Point of Sale (POS) solution to improve operational efficiency and deliver superior customer experience

Transmart Carrefour

PT Trans Retail – Carrefour Indonesia, the biggest retail company in Indonesia, wanted to modernize its Point of Sale (POS) system by implementing a web-based system that will support new features to adapt to changing retail environment.

PT Trans Retail – Carrefour Indonesia is looking for a solution that will boost efficiency, provide flexibility and ease of maintenance, and offer lower total cost of ownership while providing improved customer experience.

The client engaged Exist to build a web based POS solution to integrate with their existing and new systems. The POS solution was designed to work with the company’s old set of hardware as well as the new set of hardware from different vendors. As of today, the solution has been successfully deployed to key retail outlets and the retailer has started seeing the benefits emerging from use of the new system.

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