Hospital Information System

Leading hospital in the Philippines partners with Exist to deliver world-class hospital information system


  • Faced with a portfolio of incompatible legacy systems that hindered its ability to compete, the customer required a radical improvement of its healthcare system in order to operate more effectively

  • Customer sought to have a high quality web-enabled system (for its new facility) that will be capable of seamlessly integrating and interfacing with external systems

  • Requirements for usability, reliability, performance, and scalability of the software solution were very high

  • The customer’s in-house development team — plagued by ineffective testing mechanisms and prolonged testing cycles — fell short of the expertise needed to move the project forward

  • Requirements often changed and rapid time to market was indispensable; customer needed to work with a team that can rapidly deliver a technically challenging solution


  • Following an endorsement from one of Exist’s respected partners, the customer made the move to outsource one module to accelerate the development of its new system

  • Exist was tasked to work on a small project at the onset and succeeded in proving its capacity to innovate and deliver

  • Given Exist’s experience, the customer eventually turned to Exist to fully develop its new hospital management software solution

  • Working collaboratively with the customer’s Business and Systems Analysts, the Exist team conducted a review and established with the customer the overall technical architecture for the new system

  • In-house engineers played a supporting role while the internal QA team played an instrumental job during post-development iterations

  • Best practices were shared to the in-house development and QA teams


  • Based on a 9-month engagement — including both a design and a rapid development phase, the new healthcare system, which included admission, ordering, billing, discharge, out-patient and other subsystems, and an ancillary results management system were deployed in production at the customer’s newest facility, in time for launch

  • Addressing the inherent limitations of the legacy system, the new system promoted efficiency and provided management with timely, accurate, and complete reporting of information

  • Customer commends the Exist team’s outstanding capabilities as the perfect complement to the excellent patient care that it has always been recognized for

  • The created solution became an important instrument for the client to strengthen its market position and significantly improve operations

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A leading hospital in the Philippines partners with Exist to deliver world-class hospital information system


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