Bank in the Philippines

Consolidation of digital information to be able to provide next generation banking services


  • Faced with several applications that captured customer information independently from each other, client found it difficult to aggregate and analyze its data quickly and efficiently for analysis

  • Client seeks to gain insight about its customers in an increasingly competitive business environment


  • An initial consulting and discovery phase paved the way for an assessment of the client’s current digital infrastructure and roadmap

  • Implementation of a set of software and hardware components that will consolidate customer data from disparate source systems into a single Hadoop-based platform

  • Hadoop is the platform for Big Data that allows large scale data processing and analysis

  • The use of Hadoop provides scalability and enables parallel processing of large data sets – critical factors for the sustainable development of a robust and extensible digital infrastructure that will be able to support a variety of front-end channels and utilities in the future

  • Applications that will leverage this unified digital infrastructure will ultimately enable the client to realize its vision of becoming a fully digital bank providing next generation services to its customers

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