Full-spectrum of software testing services to reduce cost and achieve faster time-to-market

Every company wants to ship their products faster, more cost-effectively and with lower defects. We’re here to help. Exist QA specialists will work closely with your team so that you can succeed without breaking your software, and your budget.

What is your approach in testing?
What types of testing is your team currently doing?
Would you benefit in testing earlier in the software development life cycle?
Do you require test automation?
What are your testing challenges?
Give us a little bit of information and then we’ll walk you through our portfolio of testing services designed to help you achieve your goals.


icon-healthcare3QA & Testing Services

Exist offers a range of software testing services — from functional testing to non-functional testing, such as performance testing. Our testing approach is closely integrated with the development during the SDLC. Our metholodogy and offshore model deliver cost-savings and quality and accelerate your time to market.




icon-application-devtConsulting Services

Level up with proven, best-in-practice test processes, tools, and frameworks. Exist QA and software testing experts can help with:

  • LIFECYCLE QA. Create a methodology so that software testing becomes part of the development strategy. Start planning with testing involved on day 1. Construct test plans even before you write the first line of code.

  • TESTING TOOLS. Adopt the best testing tools for your needs.

Our Work

  • QA – Ace Metrix

    QA – Ace Metrix

    Exist has deployed a dedicated team to do the functional testing and automated testing for Ace Metrix.

  • QA – Maestrodev

    QA – Maestrodev

    Exist collaborated with MaestroDev in building Maestro -- its flagship product for automating build software, release management, and continuous integration.

  • QA – Where2GetIt

    QA – Where2GetIt

    Exist helped Where2GetIt ensure that quality is built into their system as it continues to scale.