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Medcurial’s Clinic Management and Electronic Medical Records System (EMR)

Medcurial’s Clinic Management and Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) simplifies setup of a doctor’s digital health practice. It is a web-based application that covers the full business cycle of managing a healthcare facility.  From single and group practice to specialized clinics, laboratories and hospitals, Medcurial is an enterprise-grade system that enables comprehensive aggregation of patient medical records which serve as building blocks of coordinated care between providers of all types and sizes necessary to achieve better care services to support better patient outcomes.


MERX™ is an advanced hospital information system that integrates  operational and clinical management in one system.  It provides hospitals with a multi-pronged approach that puts doctors — and clinical care — at the heart of quality transformation efforts through efficient operations combined with use of clinical data for hospitals taking the leap towards improving care delivery.  Its modular and extensible design allows for adding of systems in phases and supports future upgrades and enhancements during different stages of hospital growth and expansion.

Healthcare Expertise And Experience

From an internal project within Exist, Medcurial established its brand as a healthcare solutions provider that started with the clinic practice management solution and EMR for doctors and clinics and later added MERX™, a fully-integrated hospital information system that includes essential clinical apps for hospitals advancing their IT ability for better patient care and improved outcomes.

In 2008, Exist became the strategic IT partner of St. Luke’s Medical Center, helping launch their new facility in Global City, Taguig (which is listed among the world’s top 25 most beautiful hospitals in 2012) and at the same time integrating the healthcare systems with that of their other main center located in Quezon City. A strong partnership continues to this day as software development work expands to encompass other systems such as Ancillary Results Management System (ARMS), Medication Management Service (MMS) and MD Portal.

With growing health care experience and expertise, Exist also became The Medical City’s innovation partner in 2011 developing the Patient Record and Integrated Medical Exchange (PRIME) that culminated with the launch of its patient portal.

The same year, Exist was also made lead technology partner to develop Smart Communication’s Secured Health Information and Network Exchange (SHINE) – an mHealth project that connects doctors and community health workers which went on to receive international awards for the Philippine’s telecom giant.




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