Experience the IT Challenge of a lifetime.

Exist Code Camp (ECC) is an intensive training program focused on deepening the industry skills of new software engineers. The program provides a one-to-one mentoring approach wherein a dedicated software engineer trainer is assigned to each trainee to facilitate training and provide guidance, support, and evaluation. ECC features action-packed training sessions, hands-on exercises, research works, and projects.

Who Can Join?

The program is open to all graduates of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, or other related courses. Career shifters are also welcome.

  • To introduce cutting-edge technologies to CS/CoE/IT graduates and career shifters
  • To expose fresh graduates to real and practical software development environment
  • To spot talents who possess the skills and right attitude for success in the real IT world
  • FREE training program equipped with necessary tools
  • Privilege to learn from our top notch engineers
  • Earn while you learn (with tax-free allowance)
  • Exposure to the latest technological tools, methodologies and best practices
  • Get to know how to be a team player
  • Gain experience in actual software development environment and projects
  • Develop good presentation and communication skills
  • Opportunity to apply theories learned in school and in camp

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