Jonas Lim

Jonas Lim currently serves as the VP for Engineering for Exist Healthcare, where he is responsible for the overall technology direction of Exist’s Healthcare IT business. He manages all aspects of information technology and strategic planning for expanding healthcare IT initiatives, including implementation of successful healthcare solutions.

Jonas’ leadership in Exist Healthcare’s growth strategy and innovation will continue to position the company to better meet the evolving needs of healthcare organizations. He is a pioneer member of the Exist engineering team, and as a leader, he has been instrumental in reforming and improving how engineering operates. Prior to his role as VP for Engineering, Jonas established the company’s Android mobile applications development group and served as architect behind a hospital information system that Exist delivered for a leading hospital in the Philippines. He previously contributed to open source projects in Apache including Jetspeed, Geronimo, Active MQ, and Service Mix.

Jonas holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Adamson University.