At Exist, our focus has always been about enabling Filipino software engineers to become creators rather than consumers of technologies, while creating a world-class environment our people are proud to be part of.

From subletting a table to renting its own room, moving out in 2004 to leasing an office space, and opening another office in the technology hub of Cebu, Exist’s growth has allowed it to go back to its home base in Manila at Orient Square in Pasig to have its own Innovation Center. Today, we employ 150 employees and serve a global network of clients in the Healthcare, Banking and Finance, and Retail markets.

But we’re not finished. We’re on our way to an even bigger, brighter future.

And you could be just who we’re looking for.

Exist Code Camp is back!

Experience the IT Challenge of a lifetime. Exist Code Camp (ECC) is a free training program for aspiring software engineers.

What is ECC?

Exist Code Camp (ECC) is an intensive training program focused on deepening the industry skills of new software engineers. The program provides a one-to-one mentoring approach wherein a dedicated software engineer trainer is assigned to each trainee to facilitate training and provide guidance, support, and evaluation. ECC features action-packed training sessions, hands-on exercises, research works, and projects.


  • To introduce cutting-edge technologies to CS/CoE/IT graduates and career shifters
  • To expose fresh graduates to real and practical software development environment
  • To spot talents who possess the skills and right attitude for success in the real IT world


  • FREE training program equipped with necessary tools
  • Privilege to learn from our top notch engineers
  • Earn while you learn (with tax-free allowance)
  • Exposure to the latest technological tools, methodologies and best practices
  • Get to know how to be a team player
  • Gain experience in actual software development environment and projects
  • Develop good presentation and communication skills
  • Opportunity to apply theories learned in school and in camp

ECC graduates

ECC graduates

Who can join:

  • The program is open to all graduates of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, or other related courses. Career shifters are also welcome.

How to apply:

  • Interested applicants may send their resumes to with the email subject “ECC Application.” You may also include a scanned version of your transcript or true copy of grades.


Career Opportunities at Exist

Here at Exist, we are committed to providing the opportunities to achieve your full potential. You will: chart your career path, work in a vibrant fast-paced environment, be challenged and given the opportunity to excel.

10 Reasons Why You Want to Work at Exist


    We’re looking for Java developers who can take ownership of challenging Java web application development and design problems. You must have the ability to lead the team, must have at least 4 years of real world Java development experience, and knowledgeable with open source technologies.


    • Leading a team

    • Architecting a solution

    • Conducting Test-Driven Development

    • Development with Java Enterprise technologies and standards

    • Development of web apps using technologies such as JSP and AJAX

    • Deployment of applications in a clustered environment

    • Deployment of applications on JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Jetty, Tomcat

    • Work with databases such as Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL

    • Work with open source development tools like Maven or ANT

    • Work using Continuous Integration and deployment tools

    • Work using modeling language (UML) and design and architecture tools

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics or any IT course

    • Strong object-oriented programming experience using Java, preferably JEE

    • Strong technical analysis and design skills

    • Big Data Technology knowledge and experience is also an advantage

    • At least 4 years relevant working experience


    We’re looking for experienced Java Developers to join our multi-talented team. You will work on projects that involve building Java web applications for our customers.


    • Development with Java Enterprise technologies

    • Development using Spring, OSGI or related frameworks and iOC containers

    • Development using ORM tools such as Hibernate, iBatis, EclipseLink

    • Development of web apps using technologies such as JSP and AJAX

    • Deployment of applications on JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere, Jetty, Tomcat

    • Work with databases such as Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, MySQL and PostgresSQL

    • Work with open source development tools like Maven or ANT

    • Work on Unix/Linux and Windows environments

    • Strong technical analysis and design skills

    • Use IDEs such as Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics or any IT course

    • Strong object-oriented programming experience

    • Strong analytic and technical skills

    • Big Data Technology knowledge and experience is also an advantage

    • At least 2 years relevant working experience

  • Project Managers

    Exist is looking for Project Managers who will have the primary responsibility of managing projects from start to delivery. The Project Manager job vacancy is available in Manila and Cebu.


    • Plan, manage and control all phases of software development projects across teams, including definition study with client, business process re-engineering, system analysis and design and actual implementation in large-scale system environment

    • Monitor work deliverables through resource planning, project scheduling, time estimates and forecasting

    • Coordinate with all other departments for team support, including QA processes, if necessary

    • Manage risks and issues by anticipating and identifying back up plans to meet client specification

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics or any related IT course

    • Project Management skills

    • Strong object oriented programming using Java; preferably JEE

    • Experience using Open Source frameworks/tools is an advantage

    • At least 5 years working experience in a supervisory position

  • Business Analyst


    • First level support

    • Knowledgeable about the workflows and procedures of the client

    • Filter/review requests before reporting it for development

    • Consolidate requirements and determine applicability of requirements to other lines

    • Participate in transitioning the requirements and use cases to the developers, and ensure a clear and complete understanding of the requirements

    • Test the issues raised before asking the users to test

    • Responsible for getting users sign-offs

    • Coordinator during UAT

    • Analyze client requirements and compare to the functionality provided by the system

    • Suggest alternative strategies, which would require minimum change to core system

    • Work hand in hand with system analysts to accomplish tasks

    • Clarify any points which are not understood by the developer/SA

    • Responsible for working with the Quality Assurance staff on the development of test cases and expected result

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Business Management or any related degree preferred or equivalent experience

    • With at least 2 years related work experience

    • Must demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills

    • Must possess solid time and project management skills

    • Must have strong logic, reasoning and analytical skills

  • Software Test Engineers


    • Identify log, and track defects

    • Assist in associating defects with application behavior

    • Analyze reported bugs and assist in replicating

    • Develop test methodologies, plans and strategies for development projects and product

    • Project Management and Team Lead experience is an advantage

    • Meticulous in processing details, data and product specific

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree, Engineering/Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent

    • At least 2 year(s) of working experience as a Web Application Tester; Software Tester

    • Conceptual knowledge of testing process and strategies (ie: software development models, functional testing, and performance testing, etc.)

    • Knowledge of programming fundamentals

    • Understand the stateless nature of the web, and potential bugs around asynchronus operation

    • Experience with any automated test tool; Selenium is a plus

    • Experience with load, stress, volume testing tool; JMeter is a plus

    • Strong analytical/conceptual problem solving skills

    • Strong oral and written communication skills

    • Must be a team player and good interpersonal skills

  • Business Development Solutions Manager (Sales)

    Job Description:

    • Identify, create/develop and implement new business and sales opportunities and thereby achieve business/sales growth objectives, locally and outside the country

    • Executes and undertakes business developments initiatives such as completion of market research, competitor analysis, feasibility studies, business proposals, and others as assigned/tasked by the Sales Director

    • Perform schedule management, records management, information preparation, communication liaison tasks, and other related functions as deem needed to achieve Business Development goals

    • Assists in client relationship management by developing, implementing and analyzing various customer relationship strategies to maintain or future increase client and business opportunities

    • Represents the team and/or organization, if Sales Director is not available, by attending various client meetings, business related seminar or events, and other tasks as assigned by the Director to ensure smooth operation of the team.

    • Works and coordinates with various team department such as sales, marketing and Engineering in terms of launching of new business, redesigning/improvement of business plans, obtain feedback/recommendation from these departments , and other related tasks that involves team coordination.

    • Prepares relevant reports such as budget, expenses, client information, monthly/quarterly/yearly status and other relevant reports to track and report successes as well as opportunities for improvements.

    • Safeguards and maintains business related files such as permits (in coordination with Admin), contracts, client information, referrals, presentation, reports, and others.

    • Supports the completion of business related applications and documentations such as permits/clearances/licenses/etc. to achieve organizational and government compliance.

    • Performs other job related responsibilities assigned by the Immediate Superior

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Minimum Bachelor’s/College Degree, any Marketing, Business Administration and Sales related field

    • At least 3 years related work experience preferably gained in an IT solutions (software development and customization services) and product resource management. Experience in Business Development is a must

    • Advanced oral and written communication skills

    • Exceptional presentation skills

  • System/Network Administrator

    The System / Network Administrator is responsible for network design, configuration, implementation, tuning and troubleshooting. He supports and administers all servers and network resources, user accounts, as well as systems administration and networking issues and trends.


    • Assembles, configures and installs workstations, servers and other networking components

    • Sets-up, expands and maintains the physical infrastructure of the network

    • Participates in network planning, design and materials acquisition

    • Participates in designs of high-availability and clustering of Internal and External server

    • Installs, configures and troubleshoots all operating systems and application software on the servers and workstations. Provides end-user training whenever needed.

    • Provides technical support to all network clients. Ensures that all employees connected to the network are able to utilize network resources trouble-free.

    • Develop, implement and execute network procedures for basic network maintenance operations like the management of various data stores, connectivity procedures and backup/restore operations

    • Establish server security standards and levels

    • Monitor overall network performance providing strong response times to network clients

    • Troubleshoot and resolve server and network issues. As problem arise, identify the problem(s) and resolve them with minimal impact to the daily operations of the company. The problem resolution(s) will necessarily require detailed knowledge of servers, workstations, operating systems, network components and hardware troubleshooting.

    • Performs related work as assigned

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any engineering related courses/field

    • 5+ years intensive experience in Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian) system administration

    • Have extensive knowledge in implementing solutions using Open Source Technology particularly the flexibility in handling different Linux Operating System (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS)

    • Experience with setup and implementation of Apache, Nginx and other web server modules likes Reverse proxy

    • Well-versed in Databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. Experience with MongoDB is a plus

    • Experience with virtualization implementation such as OpenStack, Xen and/or Proxmox

    • Have working knowledge administering various services such as SVN and Git repositories, Squid, OpenLDAP, DHCP, DNS and Asterisk PBX system

    • Have strong foundation in networking concepts such as LAN, Wifi, switches, routers, VLAN, VPN, IPSec and firewall

    • Troubleshooting skills in both hardware and software issues

    • Ability to write Perl and BASH script

    • Experience with Cisco switches is an advantage

    • Ability to deploy, support, and diagnose real issues for a production environment

    • Experience with Cisco switches is an advantage

    • Experience with Hadoop implementation (CDH or HDP) is a plus

    • Initiative, teamwork and good problem solving skills

  • Technical Writer (Contractual)


    • Produce detailed and accurate content for both Open Source Cloud platform and internally designed software

    • Write, edit, and update documentation for clients, including user guides, release notes, FAQs, API documentation, and reference manuals

    • Organize and analyze complex information and create easy-to-understand content

    • Use authoring and desktop publishing tools

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College in Information Technology/Computer Science or equivalent

    • 5+ years experience in developing online and printed software documentation

    • Ability to create software documentation, as well as edit and update existing documentation

    • Knowledgeable about Linux system administration and cloud platforms

    • Excellent written and oral communication skills

    • Strong knowledge of Mac Pages, Keynote, HTML, and Wiki

    • Ability to work with subject matter experts, QA, and developers to obtain information

    • The ability to meet tight deadlines with quality content

  • UI / Front End Developer


    • The front-end developer will work in a team environment in the design and execution of web application

    • Design and implement the UI

    • Analyze the user experience and continually look for ways to improve it

    Skills / Experience Required:

    • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics or any related IT course

    • Strong technical analysis and design skills

    • The successful candidate must have professional experience in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax

    • At least 2 years relevant working experience in the related field

  • Database Administrator

    This position is primarily responsible for database design, performance monitoring and optimization, administration, and support. Specific responsibilities include working with software developers to assist in meeting their client requirements in efficient methods and working with client’s system administrators to ensure proper server configuration.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    • Design and document database architecture

    • Analyze and predict capacity and performance requirements

    • Automation of DBA functions via scripting

    • Evaluate and recommend new database technologies

    • Analyze and tune SQL scripts, indices and databases for optimal efficiency

    • Support upgrades and patches

    • Work with developers to ensure efficient database usage

    • Monitor systems and platforms for maximum availability

    • Oversee backup, replication, and failover

    • Ensure data integrity and privacy

    • Knowledge and experience with replication and ETL technologies

    • Work with customer DBAs to review and obtain approvals

    • Support performance test cycles and troubleshooting to fix any issues


    To be considered for this position, you must minimally meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below:

    • 3+ years of experience with data modeling tools including experience with relational, star schema, and big data models

    • 3+ years of experience performing database administration and development using various database technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL (Teradata, Hadoop would be a plus)

    • Experience with data warehousing, and business intelligence

    • Solid programming skills, using scripting languages and SQL

    • Experience supporting enterprise level complex applications in various architectures, e.g. AWS cloud, etc.

    • Experience with database management utilities, reading and interpreting the results of routine database issues and the means to research and determine the causes of more advanced problems

    • Ability to assist development teams in troubleshooting cause of SQL and/or application failures

    • Experience modeling and working with both transactional 3rd normal form databases and data warehouse star schema databases

    • Experience performance tuning transactional and data warehouse system



    • Conduct product and sales presentations, trainings and demonstrations

    • Conduct Lead generation and Pre-sales qualification activities

    • Provide enterprise customers, medical professionals with quality information & services in a manner that will promote optimal use of products & services in their specific portfolio

    • Maintain efficient & effective internal communication

    • Address customer feedback, issues and concerns in a timely fashion to ensure customer satisfaction and act as a suggestion for appropriate product revisions

    • Identify, maintains complete documentation for all issues on product and sales related activities

    • Recommend product enhancement and updates to identify new business opportunities

    • Coordinate with engineering and business development teams in product feature development and enhancements

    • Join the marketing team in helping develop new sales and marketing strategies

    • Analyze and stay up-to-date with product knowledge in the competitive marketplace and industry trends to accordingly develop business strategies for revenue generation

    • Coordinate with cross-functional teams to assist in product engineering, development of business plans and sales solutions to achieve company revenue goals

    • Assist in developing of pricing strategies and guidelines

    • Provide support for marketing collaterals, advertising materials, marketing campaigns, trade shows and other promotional activities

    • Assist in new product introduction and release activities


    • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor or College Degree: Nursing, Engineering Sciences, Healthcare Medical Technology, Biochemistry, BS Biology, Business or Marketing course

    • Can effectively communicate in spoken and written English, with a good communication, documentation  and interpersonal skills

    • High degree of maturity, leadership and self-confidence

    • Excellent problem solving skills with a strong desire to be constantly challenged

    • Self-motivated and analytical

    • Must possess the ability to work well in a team environment

    • Preferably with but not required 1 year selling or related experience

    • Must be willing to undergo 1 month training

    • Added skills on product presentation, analytical skills, problem-solving skills, presentation skills, negotiation skills

    • Knowledgeable on the use of online Cloud based software

    • Computer literate, knowledge in computer configurations and network set up an advantage

    • Willing to travel and do field work visiting client site, clinics and health institutions


    General Summary:

    • Serves customers by selling products; meeting customer needs; development and maintain channel partner relationships

    • Manages and drives revenue of the company’s products and services while establishing relationships between the assigned client within a defined geographic area

    • Provide enterprise customers, medical professionals with quality information & services in a manner that will promote optimal use of products & services in their specific portfolio

    • Ensures consistent, profitable growth in sales revenues through positive planning, deployment and management of sales team. Identifies objectives, strategies and action plans to improve short- and long-term sales and earnings

    • Focused on client relations, new business opportunities, strategic analysis, market management, partner management, vertical expertise, and growing the Medcurial brand

    Core Functions:

    • Collaborates with Sales & Marketing Manager, Business Development team, Consultants in implementing the established sales goals for the company

    • Manages an assigned clientele, geographic sales area or product line to maximize sales revenues and meet corporate objectives

    • Attends, collaborate and participates in the creation of sales targets and training programs

    • Achieve annual sales quota by prioritizing selling time to generate sales volume, achieve account penetration and complete geographical territory coverage

    • Identify and develop strategic and specific reference sites in assigned territory

    Details of Function:

    • Develops a plan to complement the overall company business plan covering sales, revenue, and expense controls, meeting agreed targets, and promoting the organisation’s presence

    • Account Management and Project Coordination
      • Follow through on sales and project leads
      • Determine the gatekeepers and decision-makers of the client/company
      • Research, Pre-qualify and assess the client’s need and identifying gaps that are possibly serviceable and within purchase criteria
      • Develops and implements long term international strategies to expand business and meet/exceed profit objectives
      • Oversees the entire contract lifecycle of all projects with clients he/she handles
      • Proactively targets and develops relationships with key industry prospects
      • Meets with clients to assess project needs and ensure smooth flow of communication
      • Resolves customer complaints by investigating problems; developing solutions; preparing reports; making recommendations to management

    • Prospecting (Assessment, pre-qualifying), Negotiations & Closing
      • Coordinates with the technical team on project feasibility and timeline
      • Prepares project proposals and cost estimates
      • Performs necessary research for the project
      • Oversees administrative requirements to qualify as a supplier to the client/company
      • Presents the project proposal to the decision-makers on the client’s side
      • Monitors the progress of projects for timely updates with the client
      • Ensures the effectiveness of deployed products and services
      • Maintain account profiles, forecasts using SugarCRM on a daily basis
      • Maintain complete knowledge of each account’s current and long term purchase plans and objectives. Keep management informed of all changes in plans, objectives and key buying influences
      • Submit accurate reports regarding expenses, activities, results, market position, and monthly forecasts (i.e. OverQuota and Monthly Business Reviews etc.)
      • Performs sales activities on major accounts and negotiates sales price, timelines, project scope and discounts in consultation with President
      • Adjusts content of sales presentations by studying the type of sales or trade factor.

    • Sales Planning
      • Develop, implement, and update quarterly, annual Business Plan supporting attainment of quota, market share growth, and other company objectives
      • Manage the sales administration function, operational performance reporting, streamlining processes and systems wherever possible, and advising senior management on maximising business relationships and creating an environment where customer service can flourish
      • Maintain sufficient identified business to support a “balanced” sales pipeline as defined by management
      • Accurately forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams
      • Develops specific plans to ensure revenue growth in all company’s products
      • Provides quarterly results assessments of sales staff’s productivity
      • Coordinates proper company resources to ensure efficient and stable sales results
      • Assist in the development of the annual marketing plan, specifically advising on: realistic forecasts for each product and territory (based on historical data, market trends, competitive activity, promotional strategy and sales effort), realistic costs of operating the sales force; and sales promotion program plans
      • Keeps management informed by submitting activity and results reports, such as daily call reports, weekly work plans, and monthly and annual territory analyses
      • Monitors competition by gathering current marketplace information on pricing, products, new products, delivery schedules, merchandising techniques, etc
      • Recommends changes in products, service, and policy by evaluating results and competitive developments
      • Provides historical records by maintaining records on area and customer sales

    • Marketing
      • Participate in Professional Trade Shows and meetings
      • May write, or oversees writing of, case studies and sees to it that the client signs off on the content
      • Collaborate with the sales and marketing organizations to document best sales practices and develop the sales tools required to successfully penetrate the specific product markets.
      • Collaborates with President /Marketing/ Sales group to develop strategies to improve market share


    • Reports directly to Sales and Marketing manage


    • A university degree in Engineering , Marketing or Business studies is preferred

    • At least 3 years related experience or training in the Technology, retail and healthcare industry / sector; or the equivalent combination of formal education and experience

    • Problem-solving and analytical skills to interpret sales performance and market trend information

    • Team player with proven ability to motivate other sales team member

    • Experience in developing marketing and sales strategies

    • Excellent oral and written communication skills, plus a good working knowledge of cloud based tools such as Google Docs, Sugar CRM, Slide presentations