SMART Healthcare Application $5000 Challenge

SMART Healthcare Application $5000 Challenge

SMART Healthcare Application $5000 Challenge 150 150 infrastructure

There’s a lot of room for innovation in the field of healthcare IT. But all too often, such innovation comes with a pricey investment. I stumbled on a new platform much “similar in model to the iTunes AppStore” that aims to “open up the market of health IT to a new cadre of developers who can write a SMART app once and deploy it inside multiple electronic medical records (EMRs) and personal health records (PHRs).”

The project called SMART or Substitutable Medical Apps, reusable technologies kicked off its health app challenge, promising a $5000 award and “release in an AppStore-like marketplace for the best application”.

The goal of this model is to enable a substantial shift towards technologies that are flexible and able to quickly adapt to meet the various needs of their users on a variety of devices,” said Kenneth Mandl, MD, of the Children’s Hospital Informatics Program and Harvard Medical School, and co-lead on the SMArt project. “As developers begin to compete on quality, value, and usability, we expect to see the introduction of an array of innovative functions and a drop in the cost of healthcare technology. Just as staple applications of the iPad, Android, and Blackberry platforms constantly evolve and compete to meet user demands, the SMArt platform will enable health IT to do the same.”

News report from HealthcareITnews.

Information about the challenge here.

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