IdeaSpace gathers the Philippines’ top technopreneurs

IdeaSpace gathers the Philippines’ top technopreneurs

IdeaSpace gathers the Philippines’ top technopreneurs 150 150 infrastructure

IdeaSpace Foundation recently gathered a stellar roster of successful disruptors and game-changers dubbed, the “Faces of Change” with an aim to inspire the future generation of technopreneurs. “Today we see how simple ideas can potentially come true; and how they actually, eventually did,” said Earl Valencia, President of IdeaSpace Foundation.

Chikka founders Dennis Mendiola and Chito Bustamante; Maria Ressa of; Ann Villar Jacobe of; RJ David of; Kuyi Mobile founder and Streetfood Tycoon creator Erik Garayblas and Exist Co-Founder and Morphlabs’ CEO Winston Damarillo were given tribute by IdeaSpace as the “Faces of Change”.

“We’re at a tipping point in our country today,” says Earl. “There’s a lot of good news: 7% growth; 50% of the population is below 23 years old and we’re one of the more stable economies in Asia. A former professor in Stanford told me that if you’re a tornado, chickens will fly; and right now, the Philippines if a tornado. The question is how do we make sure that we sustain this tornado?”

IdeaSpace Foundation believes that one of the ways to do this is by, quite simply, enabling the Philippines to become the next Silicon Valley. IdeaSpace, as program designed to help budding technology and software entrepreneurs turn ground-breaking solutions into successful commercial products is a push in this direction. “The challenge posed to us was how to create an incubation or a start-up fund in the Philippines and the journey to IdeaSpace started from that. Silicon Valley is not a just a place, it’s a mindset. We hope to promote and foster that kind of mindset here,” says Earl.

Incidentally, I met with Jim Ayson of SMART in Silicon Valley about two months ago — we ran into each other in a conference that was attended by a great number of successful businessmen as well as budding startups. We both shared our excitement about the possibilities that’re emerging from the Philippines and while success won’t really happen overnight, things have to start somewhere and that’s why we’ve got to be more active into (developing or participating in) programs such as IdeaSpace.

Here’s a link to the post “Asia’s Global Impact on Mobile and Digital” which I wrote for the said conference.

Kindly read the full story on the “Faces of Change” in the Inquirer issue dated December 28.