Cebu Outsourcing Roadmap

Cebu Outsourcing Roadmap

Cebu Outsourcing Roadmap 150 150 infrastructure

Witnessed the discussion on Cebu’s outsourcing roadmap yesterday at Radisson Blu Hotel and here are the highlights of the event (please click on PLAY button and then view in full screen, click on SHOW INFO to read the image caption):

At the end of the panel discussions, there was a breakout session where teams had to provide an idea to be taken into consideration for actual implementation, as part of the Cebu City IT-BPO Roadmap.

Below are the ideas from the groups:

  • Cebu Investment Promotions Center or CIPC to be one stop shop for Cebu’s ICT requirements
  • Hire project managers from other countries (from outside)
  • IT promotion at the high school education level
  • Cost management efforts relative to real estate
  • Scholarships / Funding
  • Foreign language training
  • Capability development
  • OJT development — I suggested to mandate this, too, to our group

Stay tuned for my next post on the Philippine Digital Strategy.