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Three Business Benefits from Big Data

The data revolution is transforming the business landscape. As computing technology continues to become ever more powerful, advancing to handle data size and complexity better, companies stand to gain many benefits from big data and analytics. “The technology for storing and managing data has evolved from traditional file to data warehouse,” shared Mike Lim, COO of Exist.…

Exist Induction AmCham PH

Exist Inducted into AmCham Philippines, Eyes Bigger Market in the US

Exist Global, a leader in innovation consulting and IT-enabled business solutions, was recently inducted to the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (AmCham Philippines), as it looks to accelerate growth and further broaden its current market in the US. A demonstrated partner in delivering IT-enabled business solutions and services, Exist continues to achieve double…

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Explaining Big Data (Video)

Big data has emerged as a key tool to the issue of dealing with vast amounts of data within the enterprise. In fact, according to a new report, the use of big data and analytics has enabled large firms to create new business capabilities, conduct processes efficiently and cost-effectively and transform data into value to achieve larger…

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Big Data Gains Momentum in Asia Pacific

Interest in big data continues to grow across all Asia Pacific industries and markets, however adoption will remain variable until next year, according to a study from Forrester. In this report, Forrester details the current adoption trends surrounding big data in APAC and provides recommendations to create a successful roadmap to big data adoption. The report is…

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Building a Bridge between Nordic Countries and the Philippines

European businesses aren’t exactly enamored with the widespread corruption in the Philippines, according to Joona Selin, Executive Director of the recently formed Nordic Business Council of the Philippines (NBCP). Over a lunch meeting today, Joona explained that corruption and the ease of doing business with the Philippines are barriers to entry, but, the “business climate today is…

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Are we having a development lapse?

All too often, I hear the question, “how much will it cost to build this type of application?” With the proliferation of SaaS applications, you’d think companies were just about ready to move away from custom software development. They’re not, however, things have changed: 1) Cloud Apps and Cloud Services - Companies are building stuff on the cloud (that runs…

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Tactics for Better Software Testing

1) Start the software development cycle together. Or in other words, ‘start planning with software testing involved on day one.’ “In reality, any ramp up period is never sufficient,” according to one of our software testers. The risks associated with pushing software testing as far back in the software development life cycle SDLC (in order to save…

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Philippines Software Outsourcing Market, growing by the numbers

The Philippines’ software outsourcing industry is considered one of the higher-value sectors and is credited for contributing some US$1.16 billion into the Philippine economy, employing nearly 60,000 software engineers and IT professionals. Estimated revenue per full-time employee (FTE) per annum is at US$20,500. “We have great raw software engineering talent from different regions in the…