Global Leaders and Innovators Gather in Cebu for OCEAN

May 23-25 — Open Collaboration of East Asia New Champions summit to gather Filipino leaders to drive partnerships with the world’s most powerful innovators   March 31, 2014, Cebu, Philippines — The New Champions of the World Economic Forum, a community that includes the Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers, Schwab Social Entrepreneurs, and Global Growth Companies in the Philippines, with…

healthcare IT trends

Healthcare IT Trends in the Philippines

The eHealth Innovations for Universal Health Care summit has just recently concluded. An eye opener for the uninitiated, the eHealth summit offered valuable insights into the Philippines’ eHealth masterplan 2014 and beyond. We caught up with folks in the health IT community to get their thoughts on information and communication technologies that will play critical ‘roles’ in…

medical tsunami

The Silent Medical Tsunami

What will you do if one in a hundred plane flights crashes, resulting in injuries? Will you still fly? Or what if one in a hundred bank transactions results in an error in your balance? Will you still trust your bank? In these two instances, the error rate is much less than 1 percent and…